My name is Stacey. I am a wife, mother, and marketer, and I am madly in love with health and wellness. My Health Crush came to fruition when my family faced health struggles of our own health struggles, which went undiagnosed by the medical community for years.

My passion blossomed when I took control and began researching how to heal our bodies, how to live with food restrictions, and what options were available outside of traditional medicine. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I advocate for doing simple things that positively impact our health.

I have spent hours researching foods and experimenting in the kitchen with diet-restrictive recipes. I have found simple ways to swap ordinary foods with healthy alternatives, healthy go-to snacks, and quick & healthy comfort food recipes. And by trial and error, I can share the best (and worst) dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives on the market.

This blog is my way of sharing our experience and the simple ways we have incorporated healthy living into our daily routine. The health and wellness industry is overwhelming and complex, but living healthy is simple. My goal is to provide solutions to make your life simple and healthy. I want to transform blasé health routines and food choices and replace them with healthy habits and simple, nutritious recipes that provide whole-body wellness.

I’ve never loved cooking, so don’t worry; gourmet, multi-step meals are not what you’ll find here. I am enthusiastic about quick and simple recipes and food options that help my family live well. I look forward to sharing what has helped us and how we keep things simple in our house! Stick around! I hope you fall in love with simply living well.